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Chicago’s A&O Radio With Host, Elle Ellis!

You can catch Elle Ellis live every Monday and Wednesday on Chicago’s, A&O Radio. By the age of 11, Elle knew she wanted to be on tv and radio. Elle didn’t expect what it would take to make her dreams become a reality. #radioshow #radio #music

Elle has conquered life in a way that inspires the roughest of rough. Her journey into radio was not an easy, breezy, beautiful kinda path. Elle has overcome what some may say, is impossible. All of her dreams began while on a walk with her grandmother on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California. The lights, the cameras, the people, Jimmy Walker’s name on the marquis, and the trip through Universal Studios had Elle longing for more. Elle’s mom, the radiologist, had a few other plans in mind for her blossoming star. Elle was to finish school and go into the medical field, so she did as she was told and started a career as a medical professional...on the west coast.

Elle was introduced to Bruce, her future husband, at a Christmas party in 1988. Bruce had found a gem, his forever love, and there was no doubt in his mind that she was his forever queen. Bruce proposed to Elle after knowing her for 7 beautiful days, marrying on July 1,1989! Elle continued her career in the medical field for 13 years explaining; "I hated it the entire time but, I was a good nurse and I took care of my people, it was just so overwhelming for me. You get close to patients and then sometimes you lose them. The chartings and state visits, it was all just overwhelming for me”.

Ellis became pregnant with her beautiful daughter, Briana. She joyfully took five years off of work to spend with her new baby girl. Going back to nursing was just not an interest anymore as Elle still very much longed for a career in the entertainment industry. As every parent knows, when you have a growing family, sometimes what you want has to wait.

Friends of the Ellis family noticed the amount of adorable pouring out of baby Bri. They suggest putting her into movies. Elle thought that this was a dandy idea as well so she checked out California’s PennySaver, and found an advertisement for open casting calls including on spot auditions! There were hundreds of fancied up kids there but, no one matched up to 2 year old Bri. Briane was in commercials for Toy R Us, Sears, Carl’s Jr, and various other projects. Elle admits to being, "A great stage mom,” while also, "Getting a taste of,” the entertainment industry.

Elle homeschooled Briane until about the age of 8, when Bri asked to return to school to be with her friends. Being the amazing supportive mother she is, Elle said, "That was that”. The Ellis family relocated to Chicago and Elle decided to acquire her teaching credentials. Placing the podium in the middle of the classroom is where Elle felt most connected to her students.

When Bri was about 12 years old, she wanted to act again. Elle continued to homeschool Bri while maintaining her own career and managing her daughters entertainment career. She was a busy beaver BUT, still found time to completely produce two to three shows a year for her school's new drama/theatre program.

"This got my creative juices flowing again. I did everything from hair and makeup to scripts and lighting. I was in charge of the complete production. Kids love to be involved, they would go to the ends to help me. They knew that I cared. If you show that you care, kids will give it right back to you.” Elle taught and inspired others at this school for 7 years. The school eventually closed and Elle’s hands were once again free.

"I didn’t know what I was going to do next? I told my husband that I want to write something for tv. I didn’t know how but, that's what I wanted to do, so I went and bought Screenwriting For Dummies. I read and highlighted things, creating characters and backstories. I didn’t even know that I could complete a script. Then I needed a pilot, so back to the book. I would go to the library and put headphones on and study; I did that all day for a long time. After I finished the pilot, I needed a cast and a place for auditions. Auditions were held at the Holiday Inn in Chicago. People were actually coming in and I was petrified! My daughter looked at me as my eyes filled with tears and said, Mom you got this, and I did. I was petrified but I started to talk and I haven't shut-up since. I knew that God had a plan for me, he was allowing me to do this. These are adults asking me questions, not kids. I am actually doing this.”

Elle is ready to film her series entitled, "Relatable Moments and is blessed with a brownstone home to shoot it in. The original name for the series was, "Relative Opposites,” later changing the name to "Relatable Moments,” as this is a show where we can all relate to moments as these. Her budget was under five thousand but the owner was a peach and supplied the team with unlimited location guidelines while staying under her budget. She knew that God was on her side and she was walking down the right road. Bri has graduated highschool and is now attending film school while Bruce is helping Elle any way he possibly can, even if that means coffee runs for the cast. Bri’s new film skills were coming in clutch and Bruce, he was Elle’s right hand on and off set. Congratulations to Ellb Entertainment!

"It must have been August of 2018. I was driving to pick up Bri from a school function. Usually Bruce would go with me but, this night he stayed behind. Bruce was diagnosed with cancer and I could see him getting sicker. As I’m driving, I’m talking to God, crying, cursing, screaming, and hitting the wheel, asking for God to help me. I was talking to God and telling him, I don't know what you want me to do with this. This is a lot, how can you expect me to say goodbye to someone I love? I have never done this before! And God told me; No matter what, it's all gonna be ok. He passed on September 5, 2018 after 29 years of marriage. I was on one side and Bri on the other, each holding his hand. I told him that it was going to be ok and then, I watched him take his last breath. I knew it was going to be ok. God put us together for a reason and he still has more for me to do.”

The series that the Ellis family worked so hard on had not gone forgotten. Elle was in contact with an investor who was ready to produce this bad boy. Unfortunately, after a year of working together, he left the area for love and the series was pushed to the side. He tried to connect her with others who would help yet, not everyone has honesty flowing in their blood. This could have turned her off yet, the Good Lord Jesus had more coming. Elle soon met Antone with A&O Radio. He wanted her to do a show...on!!! Elle was petrified and mute, she didn’t know what to say. She tried it out and eventually mastered being on air. She is not only doing amazing as a host, she has also got a talk show in the works with Paramount! New doors are opening for Elle every single day; "God opened the right doors with the right people at the right times".

"To this day, God promised me and I will carry that with me everyday.”

Elle is making big moves in a ginormous way. She has tons happening and nothing will stop her. Stay inspired team, you got this! Go after your dreams and until next time…Stay Golden Team!

Elle’s Advice:

  1. "Cicely Tyson personified grace and elegance. Don't let what you think famous to be, bring you to a place where you lose yourself. Find someone you look up to and use them to mimic your path.”

  2. "I want to see how far I can go. I'm not afraid to switch gears. Go with what works for you. Find that and go with it.”

  3. "You still have to work while you chase your dreams. I still work a 9-5.”

  4. "Write about any and everything. Eventually you will find your niche and just go with that, just start.”

  5. "You need a concept, then your characters. Characters and backstories are probably the hardest part.”

  6. "Love who you are. Love who god created you to be. If you don't know who that is, keep working on it. Ask God to clean up the ugly side of you. Don't be afraid to say whew… ok. No one is perfect.”

  7. "Write about something you know about.”

You May Not Have Known This About Elle:

  1. "My favorite interview was with Ray Murphy. He is the first cousin to Eddie Murphy. I was talking with him about, Harlem Nights and how the movie came to be. This is a movie based on their life. Ray was just out of the military and didn't know what to do. He became the assistant to Eddie Murphy and worked his way up. He was also a part of the script for, Harlem Nights. I just thought that this was so cool.”

  2. "Teaching School helped me to be able to speak in front of others.”

  3. "I have always had self esteem issues. I have had to overcome that, placing me out of my comfort zone, and building my confidence. God put me out there, he has shown me I can do this, and I am.”

  4. "When God puts something in my spirit, it doesn't leave me and it continues to nag at me."

  5. “I have learned to accept feedback and learn from it.”

  6. "Relatable Moments, was initially titled, Relative opposites. Relatable Moments is a uniquely funny series. The series is about four married females who are all cousins. Each cousin is having issues with their spouse. These are the same issues that every couple and relative has! It needs some rewrites but it’s definitely still happening. My husband was and will always be a part of that.”

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