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Both Sides Of The Camera Productions

Do you ever just stop and watch your kids play with that one special toy? What is going through their creative little minds as they play with their favorite Batman and Robin? Before you know it, they've got a huge collection of every Batman doll on the planet. This was the case for 9 year old Dempsey Gibson.

Dempsey Gibson wasn't like any other child; his Batman dolls had scripts, lines, and action scenes, Batman had a job to do! Dempsey laughed as he recalled his childhood creativity:

“I remember watching, The Monkees and Batman, on television as a child. Watching these shows really fueled my desire to create. I loved putting on stage plays.”

Keeping Gotham free from villains wasn’t all Dempsey had going for him, Dempsey explained:

“Music is my passion, I began writing music at about 9 to 10 years old, I loved to be creative.”

Creativity came easy for Dempsey as a distraction from normality was welcomed.

Dempsey was raised with the unconditional love of his mother, Hazel. Although Dempsey was born in ATL, he was raised in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Dempsey recalls seeing tragedy first hand.

“My mother and father had divorced. My father was not happy about my mother's new relationship. I remember we were all in the car leaving a shopping center when my dad pulled up, came to the window and fired his gun three times into the car killing my mother's fiance. I was in the backseat and saw everything happen in real time. I remember looking into this man's eyes as he lay slumped over the front seat. They were wide open and lifeless. The trauma of that moment at 9 years old, is something I don't think to this day I have ever truly realized or dealt with properly. My grandmother had an intuition that day. She knew something was going to happen, she just didn’t know what, it’s a mother's intuition I guess. My grandmother had packed up the family and drove to Atlanta simply knowing, she just needed to be there. Following this horrific event, we all lived together until my mom was able to find a job (teaching) allowing us to be able to get by, by ourselves.”

Dempsey Gibson’s imagination continued to blossom as he progressed through life. Life’s events had given him tons to write and sing about.

“In seventh grade, I was tasked to write a short story. I wrote about a detective cat that was killed by a truck carrying catnip. I called it, Tobermory the Pet Detective. The story was really creative resulting in great feedback from my teacher. She encouraged me to keep writing. I entered competitions and I won. My life just mushroomed from there... this still blows my mind!”

Dempsey’s artistry was out of this world as he continued to make his dreams come true.

“My mom bought me my first drum set when I was 14 years old. I LOVED to play the drums. I entered talent shows and did very well at them. I later started playing with bands which led to bigger and better things. I stayed in the music scene for about 10 years. I played with bands such as, Dempsey Gibson Band, The Other Half, and Red Car. I won a few awards during this time for, Best Male Vocalist and Best Songwriter.”

Dempsey eventually exits the music stage and pursues a career in writing for a music and entertainment column. What Dempsey didn’t know was, one day soon he would be face to face with his all time favorite television and musician icon, Peter Tork from The Monkees! Dempsey describes this life time event as, “The coolest ever”!

Dempsey’s love for writing took him to places he had only imagined to be!

“Seven years ago I wrote and created the script for The Dearly Departed. This was my first show I did on my own. It's about a mortician that constantly gets life advice from his three best friends and from the dead as he prepares them for burial.”

Shortly after creating, The Dearly Departed, Hazel is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Hazel required around the clock care. It is now Dempsey’s turn to care for his mother.

“I did everything for my mom. I was her caregiver. I went through a time where I just didn’t feel like pursuing my career but my mom, she was my cheerleader, she was my backbone. I thought to myself, I was missing out on so much being there with her, but she refocused me. I realized I had gained more by just being there with her. The night my mom passed, she was listening to Elvis as I read her the bible. I saw in her eyes that she was just so tired. I asked her to let go, she had done enough, it’s time to rest. My mom looked at me, closed her eyes and passed away. She was a strong woman. I knew at a young age, If my mom could be a single black woman who graduated college and became something as noble as a teacher in the 1960’s, then I can do anything. She taught me how to be a man. She gave me a different mindset on life!”

Dempsey Gibson is ready to write again! Dempsey soon meets Markice Moore. Markice has done shows such as, “The Walking Dead" and Tyler Perry’s “The Paynes. The duo team up and begin working on a script for Markice’s show, "Fight For It". Markice and Dempsey are the perfect writing team! Their bond quickly grew and in 6 months they formed, Both Sides Of The Camera Productions.

In ONLY 2 years, Dempsey and Markice have written and created 7 television pilots, 3 feature films and a documentary series.

"5 Years Down / 5 Years Done," has had amazing feedback and is one I personally can't wait to see. This masterpiece is about, A young black man who is wrongfully imprisoned. He has served 5 years and learns just days before release that he has only 5 years left to live. Upon release, his mission is to take down any and everyone who put him in prison. As his body grows weaker with each season of the show, those he can't kill physically, he destroys with the mind. Dempsey wrote and created this series and it stars Markice Moore. I have attached a link to the trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

Dempsey has also written and created the comedy series, "Inherent Problems," with actress Betsy Beutler attached as lead. Dempsey has also written a four part documentary series, "Love in Black and White", with legendary artist Bill Duke attached to direct.

Please check out the links below. I have a crazy feeling that the creative mind of Dempsey Gibson will be gracing our TV screens soon!

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