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Bodies By V.V. with Veronica Vargas!

Bodies by V.V. is created by a woman who had experienced an eating disorder, mental health issues, and low self-confidence. Overcoming these battles and more passionate than ever, Veronica Vargas designed a program to make others feel great inside and out. Bodies by V.V. has graced Candas very own Univision TV, supporting females and males of all ages on their journey to healthy living. Bodies by V.V. allows you to truly love the body that you are in! #fitness #gym #workout

Veronica was raised by her father after her parents divorced at the age of 10. Her father was her best friend and keeper of her secrets as she battled with an eating disorder that controlled every aspect of her life. Popping diet pills and attempts at suicide were all too normal for Vargas. Years of fat burners and diet pills had damaged her fragile digestive system. Veronica explained, “I wasn’t fit or healthy, I had low self esteem and even lower self worth. I came from a family where we were all on the big side. I would starve myself when I knew I would have to take pictures, I just needed to drop a few pounds and look thinner.”

“When I got pregnant, I had even lower self esteem. I would walk to the Co-op [close to my house] to buy a cheesecake; I would eat an entire cheesecake EVERYDAY. I binged during my pregnancy eating everything I had deprived myself from for so many years.”

Motherhood gave Veronica the will power she needed to become her best self. She quit her highly paid career as a district sales manager to work part-time as a school bus driver. A change in careers allowed Veronica time to attend classes and become a Holistic Nutritionist; “I learned how to take care of myself. Once I began taking care of myself, I watched my body, mind, and self worth improve.”

Friends noticed the amount of weight that Veronica had shed and longed for her secret. She began supplying them with healthy meal options through Holistic Nutrition. Vargas remembers the moment when she knew helping others was her calling; “I had begun helping a 24 year old client that suffered from Lupus. When I started working with her, It would take her over 20 minutes to walk down a flight of stairs. I saw her in a store 6 months later, she ran to me! I knew at that moment, I needed to help others, this was my calling.”

“Holistic Nutrition is great but, there is no point without fitness. Women are hard on themselves, we want the here and now kind of results.” Veronica realized this and knew she needed to make an impact on a deeper level. Bodies by V.V. has inspired women and men from all over the world to regain their mental health, confidence, and strength by living a healthier lifestyle. Bodies by V.V offers online and virtual classes globally as well as a personalized nutrition plan made JUST FOR YOU! Yes ladies, Veronica works with post natal issues as well!

Sadly, Veronica’s father passed away in September; This devastating news almost broke her. She wanted to quit, just give up but, she knew daddy would’ve wanted her to push on. “I was listening to a podcast one day and the host asked two questions; 1) If you died today, would you be happy? 2) What are two things you would like to do before you die? This really made me think, I am not happy with what I have done and no, I haven’t accomplished everything I want to accomplish.” Veronica stepped completely out of her box and entered into a bikini competition. Although she didn’t win, this gave Vargas the boost that she so greatly needed to be even better. She had the perfect face, look and body structure yet, her feedback was totally “ass” related. She needed to “work on her ass”. She began an 8 week glute transformation that will be sure to help her win the next scheduled competition in November 2020!

14 years as a Holistic Nutritionist and 9 Years as a fitness trainer has given Veronica the strength and confidence she had always craved. During her, Bodies by V.V. - 8 week body transformation, she lost 14 pounds and dropped 5% of her body fat while gaining 3% of muscle. Eight weeks of holistic nutrition accompanied with cardio and strength training 6 days a week, has seriously reduced her cravings and instilled a new discipline allowing Veronica to not only look better but feel better. The 8 week plan is scheduled to launch in September, allowing you to also have perfect glutes!

“20% of your results are fitness related, 80% of your results are due to your nutrition.” Vargas explained, “Exercise expels stress and rejuvenates your hormones” which is something we all need a dose of right now. Any one at any age is welcomed to join Veronica’s, Bodies by V.V. to start a healthy way of life. Upon registering with, Bodies by V.V. you are asked questions regarding your health, medical history, problem areas, mental health, and diet. Veronica personally connects with you to make sure that you are getting the plan that you need in order to have the best YOU. Your plan comes with a nutritional guide as well as workouts that change monthly so you never get bored. For those that think healthy food is too expensive, Veronica has a plan for you as well. She will meal prep for you and deliver it (local residents only)!!! Oh wait, you can’t afford it… no worries, Veronica has a plan for you as well. There really is no excuse for not living a healthy lifestyle.

Families and couples are encouraged to join Bodies by V.V. together. When you contact Bodies by V.V. you are contacting Veronica Vargas herself. She is a passionate woman who knows that a need for change is imperative to live a healthy lifestyle and takes pride in helping you, herself! Fast food and easy meals are everywhere but, are they healthy? Veronica’s answer is simple,“Your bodies look the way they do because of the food you eat, not exercise.”

What's next for this 45 year old, drop dead gorgeous, healthy woman...tons! Veronica has a cookbook (also on her website) full of healthy recipes. That’s not all this queen has going on, Vargas has plans to begin a webinar demonstrating nutritional plans as well as her infamous recipes. She will soon begin selling home gym accessories to make your home workout just as effective as being in the gym. Being a mom, daughter, wife, trainer, competitor, having a past in interior design and fashion as well as a love for Latin dancing keeps her beautiful soul busy. Living a well balanced life is excruciatingly important therefore, Veronica is available Monday thru Friday to help you create the body you desire. I have included ways to connect with Veronica below. Start living your healthy life today!

“Stop Training like you’re 20 years old. Don’t live in the past [if your past was better]. You can’t turn back time, so make your time better. You are still going to be healthier than you were before. There is NO such thing as a lost cause so, love the body that you are in.” ~ Veronica Vargas

Veronica provides the strength and encouragement that we need to live a healthier life. Embrace change and provide yourself with the discipline to live the happy and healthy life you and your family deserve, today!

Services Offered by Bodies by V.V. Include

  • Fitness

  • Personal Training

  • Nutrition

  • Nutrition Catering

  • Recipe Alternatives

  • Healthy Baking

Stay Healthy and Golden Team!

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