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Black Lives Matter!!!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Streets filled with love yet, my heart is full of pain. My brothers and my sisters are being punished again. The fear that hands in pockets will bring knees to the throat. Worldwide protests yet, we remain unbroke. #BLM #nojusticenopeace #icantbreathe

Lives have been taken and tears have been shed. Will police brutality ever come to an end?

We will stand together, all near and far because you took your power, way too far.

We stand united from sea to sea, proving the lives lost from police brutality.

Black lives matter is what it's about, you and I know this without a doubt.

Looters are looting, they aren’t here for the cause. Black lives matter, not breaking the laws.

We teach our kids not to speak up, in fear that the police, will lock them up.

No one should be worried about a knee to the neck. We should be worried about getting police in check.

Anger, pain, love and humanity, where did it go wrong with all of this insanity.

They push down old men, break into apartments, shoot innocent civilians without an accomplice. National crisis and pandemic in one, all his father wanted was to live life with his only son.

Walk down the street with your heads held high. We will continue to protest

to make things right. No other man, woman, or child will pay. Our rights have been

established today! Today is the day to make a change for, 1972 has come back again.

Walk unafraid of what may come. No need to instruct the kids to watch their tongues.

We are all treated equally in this sphere of life. Police brutality will end tonight.

We raise our voices to prove our concern, over what police brutality has done to our young.

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