“Belle, Ring At Your Own Risk”

“I have a crazy feeling that the creative mind of Dempsey Gibson will be gracing our TV screens soon. I wrote this statement less than six months ago and guess where Dempsey is now? #movie #film #filmphotography #mm #filmisnotdead

In Dempsey’s last journey, Gibson and Markice Moore had produced seven television pilots, three feature films, and one documentary. Dempsey had written and created the comedy series, Inherent Problems, with actress Betsy Beutler attached as lead, as well as a four part documentary series entitled, Love in Black and White, with legendary artist Bill Duke, attached to direct. So, what has changed? A million doors have opened and Dempsey is walking through each and every one of them!

Recently moving from North Carolina to LA, Dempsey put the pedal to the medal to personally make sure he was fulfilling each one of his dreams. Gibson explained his journey; “So much has happened since I got to LA. I basically just reached out, connected, and met with agencies. I met with an editor to work on a scissor reel for 5 Years Down/5 Years Done, as well as, Inherent Problems. I am currently working on a teaser reel for a bio pick on the Monkees; This will involve their true life story in which many people do not know”.

That isn’t all that this work beast has been up to; Dempsey has discovered Dawn Cobalt! Dawn is an amazing Director who has accepted the role as Director of Gibson's production Belle, which is in pre-production status NOW! Belle, is a thriller about a small town preacher on a path to faith that discovers, when the mind and soul find solace in the dark, God and the devil become one and the same. Rumor has it, Belle will be a part of a trilogy!

While in LA, Dempsey has also formed, Put Up Backwards Productions. Put up Backwards Productions, is named after Gibson’s mother, Hazel. Dempsey explained; “My mom used to tell me that I was put up backwards”. He laughed as he continued to recollect precious memories of his mother. “She would say that I always do everything opposite of the world, and it’s true. In the summer I would grow an afro and in the winter, I would cut it off; I was backwards”.

Within the first month of being in LA, Dempsey Gibson is making moves and taking names. His exclusive interview with, No Nonsense Women's Show starring, Elli Elle is available to stream now on IheartRadio! “I have so much going on, it’s great! I have met with a ‘friend’ who has a tv show streaming on a major platform. This ‘friend’ is fascinated with my script and has set up meetings which have opened so many doors.” Dempsey continued; “My excitement is through the roof. I feel like I put myself in a position to make things happen. I am proud of myself and also humbled by the number of doors that have opened. I am here for a reason”.

Now that Put Up Backwards Productions, is up and running, Dempsey has made sure that he has secured himself with a few amazing entertainment attorneys. He continues to search for a perfect home in LA while he types his fingers to the bone to produce many more amazing productions for us to enjoy. Recently hired as a ghostwriter to complete an autobiography, Dempsey’s hands are as full as Santa’s bag of goodies. I’ve said it once and I will say it again; Be on the lookout for Dempsey Gibson as he WILL grace your television screens soon! Until Next Time… Stay Golden Team!

Dempsey’s Advice For New Artists

  1. “Reach out to everyone. You have to make the calls and put in the work.”

  2. “Take negative feedback as a learning experience and use it. I once turned in a script that was ‘hard to read’. I was told it wasn’t formatted correctly. I didn’t know how to format a script correctly but I learned. This was a simple fix and I was willing to learn.”

  3. “Don’t be arrogant. Be strong enough to weather the negative feedback and smart enough to learn from it.”

Make sure you continue to follow Dempsey Gibson as he continues to follow his dreams and make his momma proud!

To catch up on Dempsey’s last journey, simply click on the link provided. https://www.janiegallegos.com/post/both-sides-of-the-camera-productions
















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