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Believe In Yourself

Believing in yourself opens a world of possibilities! You will encounter an endless register of choices which were once excluded.

Photo by Katrina Wright

You have no job, no income and no expected date to return to work. The kids are antsy and your sweethearts request for another one of your “special gourmet meals” has sent you off the deep end. It’s not that you have a lot to do, you just don’t want to do anything for anyone, anymore.

Any and all changes within day to day normality are emotionally damaging. When you throw a strain of finances into the mix, the final judgement could be your absolute maximum! Depression and anxiety set in as you attempt to predict the unknown.The mystery of what next week or next month may hold remains a massive weight you must support. All intensity will soon be accompanied with a heightened mound of emotions which provides internal devastation.

You must prepare to exit the zone that is confining your current existence. Although the ‘titles’ above have graciously doled out millions to help our struggling economy, relief funds have yet to be delivered to many. You must not depend on the unreliable. You must make a change, make a difference, believe in yourself!

Now is the time when our children watch and learn how we, their protectors, deal with life's deep and disappointing obstacles. Our children observe how we handle stressful encounters and form appropriate reactions. Our youth will witness their elders overcome the impossible. We will instill faith among the obedient and hope amidst the nonbelievers. We will rise against the nonviable to conquer long desired dreams. An occupation once believed to be eternal, will now fade away as new opportunities have risen to unimaginable beliefs.

Today, open your windows and feel the cool breeze as you rejoice another day granted. Thank God for your health and your wisdom. Show our growing youth that they can overcome the inevitable. Find that one job or hobby that makes you happy and run with it! Prosper in all you do providing future generations an example of a strong leader. Taking up sewing, gardening, writing, or singing. Whatever your new path may lead to, it is imperative to remain positive. There are a bunch of little eyes believing in YOU... and so am I! Stay Golden Pony Boys!

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