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Bank Robber Turned Actor!

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Larry Schultz was once a member of the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division, who would serve 25 years for BANK ROBBERY!

Larry Oliver Schultz was born on the outskirts of St. Louis, MO on November 6, 1971 to Lawrence and Yoshiko Schultz . Lawrence (also in the US Military) was deployed quite a bit leaving Yoshiko to do it all. Being a single mom with a husband in Vietnam was not an easy task for Yoshiko.

Larry wasn’t a bad kid in school, he just didn’t pay attention. This led Larry to always being in the teacher's side eye. It’s not like he was a disruptive dude, he just loved to draw. Larry found drawing way more interesting than the Charlie Brown teacher belting monotones in front of him.

Life went on as normal as Larry and fam were stationed on tour in Okinawa. The small family had limited television resulting in anime all day. Drawing anime cartoons became Larry’s fav! In 1979, Larry got a taste of good ole’ American cartoons. This opened a whole new realm of drawing possibilities. Little did Larry know, his future would soon change... forever!

There was no crazy hand up or hand out for Larry! He was a normal person, doing normal person things. Being a Military kid can be rough but Larry kept it together and in 1989, graduated from, Pemberton Township High School, in Pemberton, NJ. Larry eventually followed in his father's footsteps and joined the US Military.

Being a young member of the US Army in the 82nd Airborne Division was an honor for Larry!

“We trained with Special Forces and Rangers, doing things most of the Military did not do. I witnessed 8 deaths during my 26 months of service. The 82nd Airborne Division is no joke!

Larry remembers several close calls and admits to having a sense when things aren’t right.

”I had a feeling about this helicopter, I was supposed to be in it and I decided not to go. The helicopter crashed, there were no survivors.”

Gut instinct number two, Larry was to jump out of a plane. Larry was next in line to jump but two men behind him went instead. The team was unaware of the position of a plane beneath theirs. Sadly, the paratroopers collided with the airplane. Larry watched as these two young lives were taken from this earth. These were devastating eye openers for Larry to always trust his gut. Larry was proud of the service he was doing until, what had happened was... He didn’t trust his gut!

Larry had a girlfriend and of course she had friends and so on. Long story short, Larry’s girlfriend was with some friends and accidentally drove her car into a restaurant. Insurance would not cover the damage and they needed a way to pay back the owner for their destruction. Larry, Larry’s girlfriend and friends of friends all decided to ROB A FREAKIN’ BANK to pay back the restaurant owner. What Larry didn’t know was that one of the “friend’s” had also borrowed money from a loan shark to help with the costs. Larry had a bad feeling about these peeps but dismissed them in the name of a girl. Now the loan shark and the owner needed paid, so let’s just rob a bank! Of course, the robbery didn’t go as planned, but they got away, matter of fact, they drove right past the police as the police were responding to the call. Larry and friends drove back to the base (home) to divvy up their funds.

Two weeks later, Larry and friends were once again broke and decided they needed to rob another bank. Larry constructed the idea but did not participate this time. His instincts were telling him something wasn’t right yet, the robbery was a success and the team’s pockets were refilled.

Larry soon finds that his command was in the know of his recent robberies. Larry was also under surveillance by an undercover agent/ informant. Larry declines a third offer to rob a bank yet, can’t hide the fact that he has done this before, Larry’s secret robbery expedition has landed him in, Cumberland County Jail, where he began his 28-30 year sentence.

Larry stayed positive throughout his sentence and was eventually transferred to, FMC Lexington formerly known as the, US Narcotics Farm. While incarcerated, Larry started painting again and achieved his Masters in Arts. Fellow inmates noticed his work and started putting in requests. This is how Larry would make his money and save up for release, bingo!!!

Larry recalls solitary confinement as one of the most horrible experiences. He was placed there for protecting a transgender male from being abused. This was a very lonely, sad, and depressing ninety day stay. In 2012, while in solitary confinement, Larry’s dad passed away. Larry was completely crushed and helpless while his father was being laid to rest. Larry remembers the kindness of, Warden D. Hickey who helped him through those tough times.

“Warden D. Hickey allowed daily phone calls for me to help relieve my depression and darkness.”

Finally, out of his dark hole, Larry returned to the general population and continued to sell his artwork to inmates. Larry was released after serving 25 YEARS!!!

Upon release, on October 18, 2016, Larry was to reside at the, Federal Halfway House, in the state of Hawaii. Larry continued to pursue his dream of art as his paintings were being sold and donated throughout the US. This 5’4” ,140 pound man was determined to make something of the life he once had. Larry decided to go to open casting calls for, Magnum P.I and Hawaii 5.0. Larry did amazing and landed an acting job!!! This man has turned a sour apple into a yummy lollipop! Larry’s art was taking off and so was his acting career!

Larry's mother sadly passed a year and a half ago in Washington State. Larry helped his mother bathe as her strength had been taken from her during her illness. He would pat her dry as he told her of his accomplishments on TV as well as his plan to open an art gallery. Larry tells his mother of the work he and his close friend were doing as well as their plans to achieve the best results within Larry’s acting career. Larry remembers his mother's proud smile as she listened to her son accomplish his dreams.

Larry Oliver Schultz has seen and been through quite a bit. He has had his struggles and cried it out. Larry has turned so many negatives into a positive and his words of inspiration encourage struggling artists to keep going! You can catch Larry’s skills in productions such as, Same Time Next Christmas, Next Goal Wins, Magnum PI, and Hawaii Five-0! Be on the lookout for Larry Schultz! Larry’s amazing talent and determination is an inspiration for all struggling artists.

We all have a past, some darker than others. What you do with your future is what matters the most. Never give up, never stop trying, and always believe that you also have a future. You can make your future as bright as you want it to be. Keep swimming Dory’s! You got this!!!

Larry’s advice for new and upcoming artists!!

  • Apply at all open castings you can

  • Utilize your Social Media and Network with studios

  • Be Dependable - This is a big one- 4am you get a call...say yes and go!!!

  • Be professional

  • No rest for success

A few more of Larry's accomplishments.

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Dungeons and Drago Queens PT1: Quest for the Golden Wig of Enlightenment

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