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“Bad Thing”, By Canadian Pop Artist, Madison Olds!

Madison has come all the way from Kamloops, Canada to bless you with her new release, “Bad Thing”. Madison holds the title of Best Musician 2020, in her hometown of Kamloops, as she continues to dominate the music scene one amazing jam at a time. Madison has also shared exclusive information on the release of her next song! #music #musician #newmusic

“Bad Thing,” is very poppy and super sexy. Madison wrote this masterpiece two years ago. Her partner had broken his back during a motorcycle accident explaining; “I thought he was such a bad boy, I loved it. Bad Thing, was written so quickly and it was so fun, flirty and tongue in cheek. This is my favorite song. I think it's really sassy”.

Kamloops, BC is a small town in the interior of Canada. Kamloops, is where Madison was born and raised by an uber supportive and musical family. Her father studied opera and jazz composition, her mom a singer, and her brother played drums as well as acting.

“I started dancing ballet and tap at the age of four and didn't stop until I was sixteen. I left school [attended homeschool] for a few years during my dance competitions. During my second or third year of dance, my dance studio did a number [performance] for my class; I sang the Wizard of Oz song, If I Only Had A Brain. All eyes were on 6 year old Maddie. I realized at that time that this [performing] was my calling.”

Throughout the years, Olds continued to sing and dance. At the age of 13, she was granted a new guitar that would ultimately change her life. By the age of fifteen, you could find Maddy busking anywhere she could. Madison explained; “Canada is different, you need a specific permit to play on the street. You have to apply for the permit, if you’re accepted, you are to play on certain days, at certain spots, with designated times. The musical side of me really began to take off. I knew that with a guitar in my hand, I could do anything”.

“When I got more involved in music, my parents got involved in the Arts Council and Commission [of BC]. They wanted to do whatever they could to support other artists in the industry. My parents opened their home to musicians who were traveling and in need of food and a safe place to practice. It was like a safe haven for musicians.”

“I had met a few girls that I really didn't know very well. We are all singers and thought, why not jam some time. One night over pina coladas, we decided to submit our song into a music contest. We didn't make the deadline but we were invited to perform at the music festival anyway. We beat the other artists by a landslide, which was crazy and that's how the whole Nashville thing started. While in Nashville, I was lucky enough to work with Lennon Stella’s dad. Brad Stella shaped and recorded us. We went to places like Warner and Sony Music Group, the amount of people we were meeting in such a short was crazy.”

The band eventually broke up but Madison continued to visit and perform in Nashville. She

worked with the dopest of the dope including songwriter, Jason Duke. Olds describes Jason as; “A ray of sunshine. I could be having the worst day of my life and Jason walks in and it's all better. He's such a great person. He could have zero credits and he would still be my favorite. I feel crazy honored to know him”.

By the age of 16-17 years old, Madison released her first song entitled, “Moments in the Mountain”. The President of the BC 2018 Winter Games, contacted Maddy in need of a song for the games. Madison was totally taken back that she would even be considered. Olds wrote the song and played it for the president of the games, she loved it! This was Madison’s first song and in full production! Madison wasted no time in releasing her next masterpiece, “Thank You”. “Thank You,” was released and placed top 10 on the CBC Searchlight 2019, resulting in Madison’s first radio debut!

Madison graduated from high school early, finishing her last two years of studies online. Her plan was to pursue journalism or veterinary school yet Madison’s mom encouraged her precious daughter to continue to pursue her dream of music. Olds did just as her mother said and soon released, “Best Part of Me” and “3’s A Crowd”, together producing 1 million streams!

“I have a new song coming out after Valentine's Day! The name of this song is, Sorry. Before I met my partner, I went through a really bad breakup. Sorry, is about loving someone but there is nothing else to give. I wrote this song with Josh Ronen, who has amazing vocals! The date will be dropping soon, after Valentine's Day is all that I can say.”

Madison Olds has a ton going on but promises to continue to release new songs consistently. In the meantime, she will continue to write, bake, garden, and continue to, “Get my man on his feet”. Olds is grateful to those on her TikTok who helped her raise funds for her partner's stem cell treatment. His treatment is scheduled in Columbia in only 75 days. Maddy claimed; “If it weren't for Tik Tok, I wouldn't have been able to raise the money for his treatment. Four rounds of treatment are paid for. He should be able to stand and have some assisted walking. We are really excited about this”.

Make sure you keep up to date with Madison Olds. She is an incredibly talented artist that will continue to climb the road to success. Until Next Time…Stay Golden Team!

Maddy’s Advise For New Artists:

  1. “If I could go back in time and look at myself at the age of 15, I would tell myself to be more confident and believe in myself. I was scared to be big, loud, and proud. I wish I would have just been more confident in myself. Maybe I would be further along than I am now if I would have been more confident.”

  2. “Believe in your product and everyone else will too.”

  3. “Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself 10 times that you are awesome, you're gonna make it, and you're a superstar eventually, you will believe it.”

  4. “I still get anxiety on stage, I'm sure it will always happen. The shows that I'm more nervous for are usually my best shows. If I'm not nervous then something is wrong.”

Fun Facts With Maddy

  1. “I would love to do stand up comedy, I can still do that this year. I was actually planning on doing a podcast or comedy on spotify. I would like to have artists come on and sing together. This would be a great chance for people to see a bit more of who I am.”

  2. Michael Jackson was my biggest inspiration. My name is Madison Jaylen. My mom named me that so she could call me MJ. My mom loved him. I loved Michael’s showmanship and how he commanded the room. Later in life, my inspirations were artists such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Ed Sheeran.”

  3. “My dad tried to teach me the guitar but yeah, I learned from youtube and watching videos. I am still learning; I just make sounds and it works for me.”

  4. “Nashville is my favorite city in the whole world. It’s such a great area for music and food. I had the idea that Nashville was all country music but it's just great songwriters.”

  5. “My favorite songs come from a heartbreak that I may not even be going through.”

  6. “I took a music residency at Banff.”

  7. “I have opened for Willie Nelson and Kacey Musgraves at the Rockin River Festival in Canada.”

  8. “I have played up to 155 shows in one year, that was crazy.”

  9. “I love all animals. I’m great at bringing home dogs. Ruby is a red rescue pit with gold eyes, I just love her.”

  10. 3’s A Crowd, is probably the only song that doesn't come from an experience, only from an idea!!! It has been interrupted in a different direction but I love it.”

  11. “I Love to garden, I’m not good at it but it started with great ambition...then everything died.”

  12. “I have had my highs and lows with my mental health during covid and cooking really helps with that. I love to make cakes, scones, and cookies. That’s probably why I'm also an emotional eater lol.”

  13. “My biggest influence now would be Ed Sheeran. He’s really honest in his music and that's what I want to be, as authentic as possible.”

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