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Are You SEO Ready?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

My online traffic has increased dramatically this month by utilizing SEO properly.

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You have probably heard SEO a trillion times but, what is it? SEO stands for, Search Engine Optimization. By properly using SEO, you will optimize your online traffic by 20x’s. That's a huge number guys and gals.

Will utilizing SEO really help me?

By properly using SEO, you have a 14.6% chance of increasing your conversion rate. Let's think about that. An amazing 93% of humans utilize a search engine when looking for an answer on the web. When looking for your new spot to have dinner, you will most likely perform a web search. Unfortunately, it's not the lucky ones who are chosen to be at the top of your search list. Those who know how to properly use SEO will be among your top searches. I recommend which is a great site of SEO stats and best practices

How much learning is there?

Having basic SEO knowledge will take you further than any spaceship could ever take you. Your website and/or services will reach new heights by just using simple keywords. A great keyword guide for SEO beginners can be found at

Are keywords in my SEO description important?

Using keywords within your SEO are of the utmost importance. Keywords grab the attention of the web ninjas which will guide you in the right direction. Commonly searched words such as fashion, magazine,dessert, web design etc... are great to include in the SEO keeping in mind that 4 words or less is best. If you are stuck (writer's block is real) visit for some helpful tips.

Keywords will differ depending on whether you are promoting a site or business. Best practices include, researching your competition. It is also important to change your keywords with the season and festivities. Stay up to date and ahead of the game using optimized normal, everyday language.

Getting what you want during your first search?

Who really wants to scroll through pages to find what you are looking for. Most users only go through the first page of results. If what you are looking for isn't found upon your first search, you will more than likely re-enter the search engine again using different “keywords”. If you are looking for a specific dress, would you just search dresses or would you search for a blue evening gown, red prom dress or a blue designer sundress? Think of this perception while entering your SEO. Be as specific as possible using commonly used keywords.

I have attached additional SEO assistance websites for keyword and SEO assistance. I wish you well in your SEO journey. Until next time...Stay Golden Team!

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