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Addiction Is A Disease, Not A Choice!

Matt Seefeld sat alone, drinking away the withdrawal effects from prescription opiates and prayed this would be the last time. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the window and saw something he had refused to ever recognize before, an addict. #mylifelink #sobertribe #gratefuladdict #extraordinarylife

Matt acknowledged that the addict staring back at him would inflict many more years of pain and suffering on both himself and those he loved most if he didn’t change his course. He was at his lowest of low points and physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. He pleaded to his higher power to help rid him of the physical, behavioral, and emotional addictions that had controlled his life for so many years.

Matt was born, along with his twin brother, in Chicago, but spent the majority of his life in Northern California. His father was a prominent businessman, which made first class travel and country clubs the norm for the Seefeld family. Matt longed to be a highly successful businessman just like his dad. Matt’s mother was a stay at home mom who cared for Matt and his two brothers. Needless to say, she was a very busy lady caring for three energetic and constantly hungry boys.

Matt finished high school excelling academically as well as holding numerous athletic achievements. He attended college at UC San Diego where he was an All-American track and field star, a Sigma Chi, and an exceptional student.

“Life was good but it got bad really fast,” said Seefeld. “Addiction DOES NOT discriminate!”

Matt followed in his father's footsteps and joined the corporate world specializing in healthcare consulting and software development. Seefeld’s new career meant celebrating any achievement with top shelf bourbon and martinis. Matt refers to this time as “the perception of elite drinking”. He recalls, “We looked forward to closing deals so that we could celebrate with drinks afterward”. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he eventually learned that, “when obsession becomes normal, it’s addiction”.

“I couldn’t stop after two drinks, I drank until I blacked out. I was in my twenties at that time. I was single, had money, and a great job. I was going to parties, dating, riding first class, and living in fun cities. I was still able to hold it all together.”

Celebrating with a few drinks at one location and moving on to the next for many more were normal activities for Matt and his friends. Although alcohol began to impact his daily choices, Matt was coherent enough to excel in his career. Seefeld started his own company in 2007 and met a wonderfully supportive and beautiful lady who would eventually become his wife.

“Addiction took all my hobbies away.”

Matt began to drink during the day and would return home wasted. His wife, Laura was over his drinking. Lucky for Laura, Matt had to have a shoulder surgery in 2009 and was released with a prescription for opiates. Matt had a new out that no one knew about, he could have the feeling of alcohol without smelling like it, perfect! He would take three to four pills a day. Opiates kept his mental health in check with a steady state of “numbness” running through his mind and body.

Matt was very aware of the amount of pills he was consuming, he was a functioning addict who successfully sold his company in 2011. In 2014, Matt left the company that had acquired his business and took some time off. “I had idol hands, a lot of money, and a lot of downtime to continue down the hell of addiction. One of the sad realities of addiction is, if you have it all together on the outside, people don’t ask questions”.

Addiction had a firm grip on Matt. He would detox from pain medication every month for a week or two as he never went outside of his prescription. Alcohol would help Matt during the times of withdrawal. He was at a point where he would pretend to attend AA classes to appease the family.

2015 was a very difficult year for Matt. His addiction had taken a toll on his professional and personal life. He was facing the consequences of his drinking and ongoing abuse of prescription medication, which now included ADHD meds and benzos. Although Matt’s addiction had been working in overdrive, it was time for Seefeld to return to work. Going back to work meant returning to the life of private jets and celebratory high end liquor. It was during this year that Matt left his eight year marriage, two young sons, and a beautiful home in Del Mar, CA. He lived in his addiction stricken world visiting his children once a week performing as a “decent father” during his rare moments of clarity.

“I was too important for rehab, people were relying on me,” said Seefeld.

In January of 2016, Matt decided enough was enough. He stopped all drugs, ditched the booze, and actually attended 12-step meetings. Still separated from his wife and their children, he began dating and working out. Matt was getting healthy for the first time in a long time. In less than 6 months, Matt had relapsed and was sprinting back down the pathway to hell. In November of 2017, he exited a very toxic relationship and fled to Mammoth Lake, CA to get some much needed personnel space. Of course, Matt’s personal space included vodka, pain meds, and Xanax. Matt finally began to recognize and take accountability for his actions and his addiction.

On November 30, 2017, Matt sat alone in his living room drinking his way through detox week. Several IPA’s later, he caught a view of his reflection in the adjacent window. Matt saw an addict, an addict in hiding, an addict in need of help. This was a reflection he had never recognized before. Looking in the mirror is terrifying to any addict. This is a truth hidden from everyone, including ourselves. Matt finally saw the hurt, betrayal, and lies looking back at him. He saw the abuse, hopelessness, and emptiness that most addicts feel yet refuse to acknowledge. The IPA that Matt clutched tightly in his fist to wean off another round of withdrawals, would be his last.

January 4th, 2018 at 2:30am, Matt had hit his lowest point. Laying in bed, his head spinning, and Matt pleading to his higher power to rid him of the addiction that had clutched onto his being for so long. Determined to free himself, Matt made a call most addicts refrain from making, he dialed the number to, The Betty Ford Center, in Rancho Mirage, CA. Laura drove Matt to the facility two days later. Here he would finally disconnect from the outside world to work on himself.

Laura had never stopped believing in Matt. She loved her husband and craved the best for him. Matt recognized time lost with his loved ones which can NEVER be replaced. He knew a change must be made. Matt realized, if he were to continue on this path, his fate would prove irreversible destruction.

“I went hard, really hard, for a month doing every assignment with the same level of intensity that made me successful in life and frankly, addiction. I had to write letters to my family and friends, I had to come clean to everyone. For the first time, my wife and family had met a sober me. Early recovery is far from easy but, I know that my higher power won’t give me anything I can’t handle.”

Upon exiting Betty Ford, Matt was eager to search for other addicts in recovery that he could relate to far beyond his addiction. He searched for a support group that he could hang out with as well as to learn tactics from to maintain his sobriety. Upon discharge, he was given the name of a local alumni yet, were they similar at all? Do they have the same interests, mental health conditions, and life stressors? Do they share the same addiction? Are they similar in age? How can someone who doesn't know your addiction or share similar life experiences relate to him?

Matt recalls wanting to make a change as well as to become less selfless. He asked himself, “What can I do everyday to help other people in the hell of addiction find others that they can relate to and to track the actions required to stay healthy and sober as well as serve others?”

As a “Grateful Addict” beginning to harness the amazing capabilities of the “Addict Brain”, Matt wanted to make a global impact on the pandemic of addiction.

After much consideration and research, Seefeld invented an app called, my-Life-Link to help other addicts get into recovery, beat addiction, and build an extraordinary life by harnessing the power of the “Addict Brain”! my-Life-Link, is a transformative platform where addicts from all around the world and all walks of life can connect, share, and inspire each other! Not everyone has been through things like PTSD, anxiety, and loss. Addiction comes in many forms, not just drugs and alcohol but, behavioral and emotional as well. my-Life-Link, allows people to connect with other individuals who actually UNDERSTAND them and their struggles helping them find a way to stay sober and live amazing lives.

my-Life-Link, is a FREE mobile addiction and recovery app. Members are encouraged to log emotions, daily activities, and access all free content and training. By entering their background, addiction, and interests, my-Life-Link connects people with others in their area that have the same interests and background. Now, NO ONE has to fight addiction and recovery alone!

COVID-19 has forced everyone indoors, eliminated in person meetings, and placed technology in our faces. Connecting online through the, myLifeLink app is safe, easy, and FREE! Accessing virtual tools such as meetings, workouts, meditations, yoga, and much more is critical. Addicts have daily struggles just to stay sober and let’s not forget the triggers. my-Life-Link, helps addicts through these times with people just like them.

myLifeLink Press Release

“If you need more pain and consequences before you get sober, it’s out there but I promise, you don’t! my-Life-Link is here to help when you're ready for sobriety. Addiction isn’t going away; it’s only getting worse. Recognize your value, love yourself, be grateful you have an amazing Addict Brain, and can build an extraordinary life with the my-Life-Link Sober Tribe.”

Download the, my-Life-Link app from Apple or Google Play. Get the help that you deserve TODAY! It’s time to claim your life back, start by downloading my-Life-Link for FREE Today!


my-Life-Link is on all social platforms. Get started on a sober you today!

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