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A Voice With Passion

I heard Josh Kain sing only once, that was all I needed. The heart and passion Josh possesses as he expresses his music is simply breathtaking.

Josh Kain grew up in Algona, WA as a middle child. Josh loved playing his guitar in the family garage as he practiced to perfection.

After graduating high school, Josh took his love for music a step further. Josh began teaching students how to play the acoustic guitar classroom style, in his garage. Josh started out with just a few students but his reputation of being awesome soon earned him more students than he had ever expected. Josh soon gave up his classroom garage and began working with the Federal Way School of Music where he still instructs today! Josh continues providing acoustic lessons for his students during COVID-19 via online.

“I have more students now than I did before the stay at home order. It’s awesome teaching kids”.

Shred Til Your Dead shows a fraction of the talent this young man holds. Josh’s shredding skills will give you chills!

One thing I absolutely love about Josh is his passion! Josh writes all of his songs based on past or present experiences, Crashing In The Deep is no exception. You can vividly see Josh’s passion and emotion as he performs.

Crashing In The Deep'' pertains to a past relationship. She was a drug addict, she was addicted to was just bad. Crashing In The Deep is more of a metaphorical song focusing on detoxing off of a bad relationship including your recovery”.

Crashing In The Deep was recorded and filmed in Josh’s home studio with his roommates.

“I mean, we have to stay home, so let’s shoot! Adamm Mitchell recorded Crashing In The Deep, that guy is amazing! Jordan Stewart and Nikki Bain filmed the video and I edited. It was really cool doing it with friends. I have done some research on what stimulates the brain and how I could attract more viewers. In my video you will see a lot of quick angle changes. Stimulating the brain is fun”.

Josh will continue keeping his promise to his fans by releasing a new single every three weeks! Although he already has the song written, a name for his next hit is TBD. Feel free to subscribe to Josh Kain's you tube channel and enjoy some super dope tunes. Stay tuned to for more of Joshua Kain!

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