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A Diamond In The Rough

Diamond Rice was raised in Mexia, Texas alongside her 8 month old sister. At the age of two, Diamond remembers bath time like it was yesterday, “I was two years old, playing in the bathtub with my sister and I turned on the hot water. The water was so hot, it ultimately burned my baby sister to death”. #mentalhealth #addiction #recovery #god #love #diamond

As Diamond got older, the pain of losing her sister became more apparent. Family members referred to her as, “the murderer”. She began to act out and rebel as most teens do yet, the added “murderer” status caused deep pain and grief within her. Eventually, Diamond's parents divorced and recoupled in no time. Sharing custody of Diamond and her remaining siblings were nonexistent as the kids were in a constant “tug of war”. After an intense argument with her dad and stepmom, Diamond landed herself behind bars. Upon exiting jail, Diamond’s father gave her an ultimatum of living with her consequences in his home or living with her mother, mom’s house it was!

Diamond Rice was a smart cookie; She graduated high school in three short years. After graduation, Rice moved in with her boyfriend and got pregnant. The duo married and gave birth to their son in 2009. Diamond’s new husband wasn’t the best at being faithful so Diamond decided, “It’s eye for an eye”. The duo divorced and Diamond’s downward plunge began. She bounced around from man to man landing herself in several abusive relationships. She found herself with a new boo who would introduce her to a brand new way of coping with life.

Diamond was introduced to new friends which led to social drinking, weed, and eventually Adderall. Diamond’s need for speed grew quickly as she needed something stronger and began to dabble in the world of methamphetamines. Diamond explained; “I wasn’t an addict, I was only eating and snorting it [meth]. I eventually needed more so I began hot railing. Not a day went by that I wasn’t high. I couldn't see what others saw; I didn’t see a 90 pound addict that was mean and aggressive. I was a sex addict as well as addicted to drugs. I lost custody of my 4 year old son. People asked why I couldn’t just stop using, didn’t I love my son enough? Of course I loved him, I just didn’t love myself”.

“I was being demonically tormented, it was like I was living in another realm. A lot of people don’t understand this yet, this was very real. I would be looking at someone and their face would change, their voice would become demonic. They would laugh at me and mock my existence. I would be wide awake and have visions of burning alive. I could feel the fire burning my skin, I could feel the pain! I had hit rock bottom and I needed my life back.”

“I was coming down [from meth] and at my rock bottom. At that time, I lived in a small trailer with no shower. I made my way to the creek with pills in hand. My plan was to shower and to end my life. I had cried out to God so many times yet, dismissed the fact that there was a God out there for me. As, I'm showering in the creek, I hear a sweet and tender voice say, You have a decision to make. I then heard an owl hooting extremely loud, this really scared me. The owl flew over my head and landed in a tree next to me. I started screaming at the owl until I heard it say, I have given you the tools you need Diamond. I thought I was tripping!!! I look back toward the creek and see a water moccasin swimming right for me. This was the first time that I had cried out to God for help, I was scared for my life. I noticed something I hadn’t noticed while showering, an abundance of golf balls. Are these the tools that the owl was talking about? I began throwing the golf balls at the snake to deter it from coming to me when the owl began loudly hooting again. The noise from the owl was so loud that my attention was off of the snake and onto the owl. The owl began to speak again saying, Never look back, always look forward. As I turned my attention back to the snake, the owl flew over my head and swooped up the snake. I ran home startled and butt naked, immediately reaching out to the Rock Prairie Behavioral Center.”

Diamond’s rough and rocky road was far from over. She had never spoken of her encounter with the owl in fear of being labeled insane. While in the behavioral center, Diamond’s demonic torment continued. “My roommate would respond to me with owl noises and laugh about it. In art class someone drew an owl and gave it to me while cackling. A guy labeled with schizophrenia showed me how his snake tattoo would move while laughing an unsettling laugh.”

These instances proved too much for Diamond. She was on medication to help with behavioral issues yet, her addiction was much deeper than ANYONE knew, except God! “I needed help, I was an addict”. Diamond further explained, “Addiction comes in many forms, I was addicted to feeling the way I felt”.

Diamond withdrew herself from the behavioral center and began her search for a rehab. Many places had full beds yet, Diamond was determined to get her life back. Rice needed to be clean and sober (even from medication) for 14 days before entering the center. On August 16, 2015, she drove eight hours from home admitting herself into the Midland Teen Challenge program. This was a faith based rehab, similar to bible school. No nicotine or medication was allowed alongside a very strict dress code and daily chores. Diamond hated authority which meant she wanted out of the center stat yet, God had a bigger plan for her.

While in the common area at Teen Challenge, Diamond was recognized as the new girl. On this particular day, there was to be a mass deliverance. As the leaders prayed over each individual, they began to embrace the full glory of the Holy Spirit . One of the leaders told Diamond, God has something special for you (her) and began to pray over her. Diamond explained this experience; “I opened my mouth and began to speak in tongues, I was nauseous. This was scary, I didn’t understand what was happening. It was all happening so fast yet, I felt peace, a sense of peace I had never felt”. Diamond had received the full glory of the holy spirit. She knew that God was the only one in her corner, although she was alone, this is what she so greatly needed.

“Since that day, I have had a clear head, clear mind, and I can see what I couldn’t see before. I renewed my mind with the scripture. I went to counseling and told my stories [owl] for the first time ever. I loved Jesus but that wasn’t good enough. I have a calling, I am a child of God.”

Diamond found a church which she attended regularly. “The Pastor would pull me out and pray for me, praying about things I had never told anyone about”. Diamond goes on to explain; “One pastor told me that I cannot carry the guilt of my sister's death anymore yet, I still didn’t think I was worthy”.

“One night I had a dream that I was on a white sand beach. The moon was huge and I was wearing a red evening gown. A man in a white pant suit approached me. He grabbed me by my hand and we sat on the white sand. He said, My child, the places I am taking you, no one can take you. I am your father, protector, and shield. I had immediate affirmation that I was no longer alone. As he brushed the hair away from my face he stated, It’s not time yet, but it’s coming. Jesus found me, I didn’t find him! Jesus chose me, in my pits and on the verge of death, he found me and I was saved!”

Still at Teen Challenge, Diamond received a call that her father, rock, and best friend was very ill. She immediately booked a greyhound ticket to be by her father's side. Upon arrival, her father was lifeless, 45 pounds thinner, and full of tubes. Rice anointed her father and began to pray for his recovery. Suddenly, her father opened his eyes to see his beautiful daughter standing by his side. He longed to see and feel the sun so Diamond snuck her father downstairs so that his wish could be granted. Her father reached up to the sky embarrassing the sun's rays. Diamond watched as she witnessed her father basking in the son of God. She now understood how quickly one bad fruit can be overcome by darkness.

Two weeks later, Diamond’s father made a full recovery and Diamond’s son was returned to her custody. In 2016, Rice met the love of her life and in 2017, he was baptized and Rice was engaged to be married to her current husband, Oliver. Diamond is now an amazing mother to 5 adorable humans as well as a faithful wife to her deployed husband who continues to serve our country. Diamond Rice continues to inspire others as a survivor and a child of God.

“When you think you’re not strong enough, God will remind you that you can do anything through him.”

Diamond currently serves others through her Bless Somebody New Movement, Facebook page as well as through Amazon where she creates jewelry from the ashes of loved ones who have passed. All of her links are included below for easy access. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, recovery, or experiencing spiritual oppression, please reach out today.

Diamond’s dream is far from over! Her ultimate goal is to create a faith based rehab where anyone needing help with addiction, recovery, mental health, and spiritual oppression may get the treatment they need.

Diamond’s advice for anyone who may be experiencing spiritual confliction. “You are not crazy!!! You are loved and there are people that love you and want to help you.”

Advice for those struggling with addiction; “When you think no one sees you, you're more seen than you know, just be honest with yourself.” For those who crave a deeper relationship with God, Diamond’s advice for you is to “reach out to someone of non-denomination. Religion is not a relationship”.

Until Next… Stay Golden Team!

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